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3D Printing a Piece of Ocean Art Demonstrates Strength of Stratasys Objet1000 3D Printer The Voice of 3D Printing / Additive Manufacturing.
No matter how you decide to depict the wonder of the vast oceans of our world, however, and no matter the medium, its a challenge to impact the viewer with the beauty and magnitude of an element that changes so unpredictably and drastically in shape, constantly. Going from stormy to calm in a matter of minutes, the ocean operates as a symbol of our world, our souls, nature, and inspiration for so much. The ocean itself seems to have infinite area not only to explore in reality, but also artistically. Objet 1000 3D printer. If anyone should deign to attempt to convey the beauty and power of the ocean in 3D printing, it seems Stratasys would be the best choice.
Willem Wever op bezoek bij Oceanz 3D printing in Ede Ede Stad.
Willem Wever is het populair-wetenschappelijke programma dat antwoord geeft op brandende vragen van kinderen. In de aflevering van zondag 10 september vraagt de 11-jarige Mirte uit Elst zich af wat je allemaal met een 3d printer kunt maken. Met deze vraag ging het redactieteam aan de slag en kwam terecht bij Oceanz 3D printing.
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Recreating the structure of a conch shell by 3D printing on World Oceans Day Materia.
With 3D printing, the helmets could even be individualised. Photos: Melanie Gonick/MIT. You must be logged in to post a comment. Previous Article Next Article. Home / Articles / Recreating the structure of a conch shell by 3D printing on World Oceans Day.
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Oceanz Your 3D printing professional.
Oceanz 3D printing zoekt een Junior Technisch Commercieel Medewerker Binnendienst op kantoor in Ede. Made in Holland: Volop investeringskansen in 3D printtechnologie. De Nederlandse economie heeft genoeg kansen om de 3D printtechnologie in eigen land op de kaart te zetten.

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